Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last Minute JH/MS Ministry Christmas Survival Kit (FREE)

It is the end of December and You Are Scrabbling to Find that Last Minute Game, Lesson, Media, OR EVEN EVENT IDEA!!
Here is your last minute emergency survival kit for your Jr. High/Middle School/Pre-Teen (or yes even High School, we will let you guys use it too...if you are here snooping around?) Ministry.

Hope this helps and comes to your rescue so you can have more time with your family and friends during your Christmas Break.  Please Take One!!  Happy HOLYdays!! 



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Game #69: Snowmen Vs. Santas

Quick Ran-Dumb Christmas Twist on a Youth Ministry, Camp, Playground Classic!

Played it Last Week and My MS Students Loved it!!


- None, unless you really feel like you need a PA/Microphone to yell? 

Rules/Game Play:

* Basic Explanation: A Christmas themed twist on the youth ministry classic- "Crows vs. Cranes".

- Divide the group into two equal teams.

- Have teams face each other across from an imaginary line in the middle of the room/space.

- Assign one side to be "Snowmen" and the other to be "Santas"

- The leader stands at the end of the group in the center so all players can see and hear him/her. The leader calls out either "Snowmen!" or "Santas!."

- If "Snowmen" are called, the "Snowmen" must turn and run a short distance to their "base" or/a wall before the "Santa" team tag them. If any "Snowmen" are tagged, they become then become "Santas", and head to the other side for another round. The same applies when "Santas" are called....and so on!

- Play back and forth, and mix it up randomly so no one know which will be called. Play until everyone is on one side or the other

- OPTIONAL FUN: Occasionally yell something completely confusing that starts with an "S" like "Sandwich",  "Snow Cone" or "Sierra Mist", or.... "Carlos Santana" ? 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Game #68: The Price is Nice: Christmas Powerpoint Game

A quick silly whole group game for the Christmas season.  Testing your Christmas shopping skills.  Players or teams are shown a SILLY Christmas time gift item and a price, then have to decide if the price is Naughty (to high) or Nice (to low or a good deal)! 

CLICK HERE (to get it!)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Top 10: Youth Pastor Christmas Gift Ideas (Bacon Edition)

#10: Shirt                                         #9: Cologne                            #8: Socks


 #7: Candy                                              #6:Shirt                                              #5: Candy Canes

#4: Scarf!                                                                               #3: Towel                              

#2: Shirt                                                      #1: Ornament! 

Christmas Quiz/Lesson (FREE)

Originally Posted 2 Years Ago Around Christmas Time!  Here is a a quick re-post of a Christmas time classic resource. ---------------------------------------------------"Here is a fun Christmas Quiz that I used with my Jr. Highers on Sunday morning. I have tweaked it from similar quizzes.  It is a great resource to teach your students the difference between Biblical truth and cultural truth.  We have many ideas about what we think we know about many of our Christian beliefs, but especially in MS/JH our students need to be aware and taught what is actually in the Bible.   I have also included Bible verses for the correct answers.  It can be used a stand-alone lesson or can be used just for fun.  Feel free to download and use however you like. It is available at Slide Share:, of simply click the link below.  Christmas quiz 
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Free Media #67: "20 HD Winter Themed Media"

Winter’s Daybreak Video Pack is a free collection of winter themed video clips from Dan Stevers. PRODUCT FEATURES Over Twenty Individual Clips Perfect for Song Backgrounds or Custom Video Pieces.

- Rain
- Snow
- Plain Variations

All in 720p MPEG-4 Format Download

CLICK HERE (to check it out!)