Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Media #57: "Death to Stock Photos"


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Hint/Help #11: Ways to Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry

This started off as a more serious "Top 10" idea but then I decided to make it more of a Hint/Help, because I felt it deserved to be in a category where it might not get missed in my more humorous posts!?

My wife is super involved in what I do.  I am blessed in that she is as called to youth ministry as I am.  She loves what I do and is with me as a team mate and partner.  She is not the "up front" or "in the office" person, even though she is willing and does here and there fill those roles at times. 

No matter your spouse's role, commitment, or even calling.  They still deserve to me invited and included in your ministry.  Here is just a couple quick ways, I would suggest to "Include Your Spouse in Your Ministry"....

10. Communicate with them about what you are doing and what is coming up. It will save your marriage and ministry (*

9. Invite them to come to planning meetings, events, and regular youth ministry nights. They don't have to always come or ever come but at least they know they are invited and welcome.

8. Ask them for their thoughts, perspective, and ideas.  They may have a fresh set of eyes, ears and thinking they you don't!

7. Include them in lessons or talks when in comes to marriage, dating and purity. It will add value and earn you a "right to be heard" with your students while also affirming your spouse.

6. Have a leader meeting or training as your home. With seasons of life sometimes a spouse can't show up to youth ministry, but is a simple way to bring some of youth ministry to them.

5. Take your leaders and their significant other out to lunch/dinner, bring your spouse.  Food, fellowship,....Win always!

4. Have them give their testimony as part of a lesson, retreat, or event.

3.  Talk about your spouse (and brag on your spouse) as part of your teaching. In appropriate, honoring and respectful ways. ( *Skip the my "my spouse is hot" comments)

2. When you buy something for your leaders (youth group logo t-shirt, mug, bag..) get one extra for your spouse. They can wear it/use it at their jobs or else where and talk about you/brag on you in return..see #3.

1. Honor Their Calling! if it is music allow them to help with the music, if it is cooking ask them to help cook on a retreat, if is working with younger kids have them help you leader the VBS on your missions trip...if they are called youth ministry, MAKE THEM A YOUTH LEADER/SMALL GROUP LEADER!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Game #61: "Feed the Baby Bird"

An All-Time Favorite, That Your Students Are Going to be Laughing about and Talking About....

- 2 Cups
- 2 Packages of Gummy Worms
- 2 Chairs

Set Up/Game Explanation:
- Simple Explanation: players will be eating gummy worms out of their partner's mouth...sort a baby bird.
- Fill 2 cups full of gummy worms
- Have 2 teams of 2 come up to the front
- Have one person sit in the chair
- Give the seated person the cup full of gummy worms, tell them they are going to have to lean back and put the cup in their mouth facing up.
- The standing player have them stand behind the seated player, explain that they are going to have lean over and eat as many gummy worms as possible in the time allowed.
- On "Go!" seated player will quickly put cup in their mouth (no hands allowed) and the standing player will then have to using ONLY their mouth (no hands allowed) stuck pulling out gummy worms and eating them as fast as they can.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lesson Series: "COME IN" (*9 lessons based on the tabernacle)

A nine lesson series based on the part of the Old Testament tabernacle.

Originally taught for a summer camp setting and theme.

Lessons Overview:
1. “Come See” (Enter the Gate)

2. “Come Clean #1-“Clean Me” (Brazen Altar)
3. “Come Clean #2”- “Washed Clean” (The Lavar)
4. “Come Live #1”- “Live in the Presence” (Bread of Presence)
5. “Come Live #2”- “The Bread of Life” (Table of Shewbread)
6. “Come into the Light #1”- “The Light” (The Golden Lampstand)
7. “Come into the Light #2”- “Connecting to the Light” (The Golden Lampstand)
8. “Come Be Free #1”- “What is Inside?”(The Ark of the Covenant)
9. “Come Be Free #2”- “See Your Need?” (The Mercy Seat)
(*Lesson include brief outline for each lesson, along with scriptures. Also included is some additional suggested ideas, illustrations, games, and resources accompany the lesson)

CLICK HERE (to get the FREE PDF)
CLICK HERE (to get the FREE collection of title graphics)

News U Can Use: "Young Millionaire Made His First Million by the Age of Nine"

 "Back in 1994, at the ripe old age of 9, Johnson launched his first business out of his home in Virginia–making invitations for his parents’ holiday party. Word of his skills spread, and by the seasoned age of 11, Johnson had saved up several thousand dollars selling greeting cards. He called his company Cheers and Tears.

But the little guy didn’t stop there. At age 12, Johnson offered his younger sister $100 for her collection of 30 Ty Beanie Babies, all the rage at the time. The young entrepreneur quickly earned 10 times that amount by selling the dolls on eBay . Smelling potential...."


* Continue to Consider With Me the Fact that Pre-Teen, Young Teens...Those in the "Middle Year" Hold the Keys to the Kingdom- BOTH in Our World and in Our Churches.  Check Out My Original Post and Thoughts.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Top 10: Reasons I STILL Love JH/MS Summer Camp!??

In the new era of youth group missions trip and services projects combined with the ever increasing personal schedule of our young people, going to a week of camp is quickly losing it popularity and support.  This summer with my transition from one youth group to another almost exactly half-way through the summer.  I got to go to TWO weeks of summer camp!!  It reminded me why camp is still great and why we need to still included in our youth ministry's summer!! Call me old fashion and out-dated but... Here are the way I STILL Love going to Summer Camp....

10. Freedom to Worship, Sing and Celebrate!- No where else but at camp can you sing as loud and as wild as you want with all your heart...with Hand Motions!! (* come on Tomlin, Crowder, Hillsong--help us bring back worship hand motions? :-) )

9. Being Out in God's Creation!- You want to get close to God the creator, go hang out in what he has created for awhile?

8. Interacting with New People and Making New Friends!- Only at camp can you really interact, bond and make real friendships with people from other churches and places that will last a lifetime.

7.  History, Tradition and Legend.- Conferences and Mission Trips have just not made it there yet.  When you go to camp you are walking on "holy ground" of generations of people before you who gave thier lives to change the church and the world because of time they spent at that place.

6.  Random Silliness and Campy Humor! We all need some good clean fun sometimes.  Christianity and church has all got a bit to somber, serious, and stuffy.  We were created with a sense of humor and the ability to laugh...Skit Night! Flag Pole Songs!! Singing for Seconds at Dinner Time!! Stupid Human Tricks for a Letter from Home!! Where else do you do that???

5. Camp Snack Shack/Bar/Stand/Shop.... Think of it as a Crash Course in stewardship and money management! A tasty....tasty lesson in life skills!

4. Growing Up Time Away from Mom & Dad.  A week away from home and from parents for the first time! Besides a couple sleepovers at grandmas house, it is the first REAL time away and on your own! Sorry it is "helicopter-free" fly-over air space moms and dads!

3. Eight to Ten Chapel Times inside of 5 days!  For young people who between vacations, summer sports, summer activies, and just outright being part of families who just take the summer off from church and God...Call it Make Up!!?

2. Morning Quiet Times By The Lake/Pond/Creek/Other Body of Water! John 4:14?? Something spiritual and significant??

1. End of the Week Camp Fire! You can argue it and debate the emotion of the moment but how many of us are in ministry because of the end of end week camp fire moments!!?